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Here you can find some of our more extraordinary cartoon-projects, threedimensional artwork and also some paint works on wood.

We have here for example two little jewelry boxes, that couldn't be more different.

Jewelry Box „Africa“

Originally this jewelry box wasn't more than a pure box with drawers made out of wood.
Andrea painted the front- and backside with acryl-colors so they are now atmospherical Africa-pictures.

Afrika-Schmuckkasten Rückseite

The inside of each drawer was filled with blue and red velvet, so it woul look nicer.

As a special highlight there is a part of a cartoon-picture on each drawer's backside. So you can put them together like a puzzle.

Samtauskleidung-der-Schubladen Bild-auf Rückseite-der-Schubladen

Jewelry Box „Wolf“

This jewelry box used to be covered only with solid blue velvet. Using sparkling glue the wolf and the moon plus the pictures on the sides of the box were painted on the velvet and now turn the jewelry box into something very unique.

Schmuckkasten-vorher Schmuckkasten-nachher



An extraordinary way of decorating one's home are our string-pictures.
Each string-picture consists of two seperate pictures,
which belong together and which are connected by a string.
The string itself is part of the whole picture.
There are many ideas for pictures like that in our mind and you can also purchase them in our shop, once it opens.
(Until then you can contact us by EMAIL ;-) )

Special Gifts

There are many books about wrapping gifts of money on the market, but have you ever given somebody a present, that includes that person him-/herself as part of the wrapping? Or has somebody ever given such a present to you? - No? Then you should take a closer look here: The butterfly-catcher of this birthdaycard is catching butterflies made of money. There is a sailing ship in the background with a sail made of a 20-Euro-banknote. Well, and the catcher herself is a cartoon of the lucky receiver of this gift of money!

Geldkarte 3D  Hintergrund der Geldkarte  Geldkarte-Bildausschnitt

Exclusive Signs for Horse-Owners

The name and the cartoon of the horse is painted on a wooden sign. The description of Kimba's character said: „she is pretty greedy for food“ ;-)
We prepared the sign by putting on several layers of varnish before we actually started with the painting itself. In order to make such artwork last even longer it is also possible to put on one or even a few layer(s) of clear varnish as a finish.

Pferdestallschild     So sieht das echte Pferd aus

Figures made of Papier-Mâché

In an artist-household lots of paper ends up in the garbage - but isn't it a pitty to simply throw it all away? So Andrea made the West Highland White Terrier out of it. As you might know, dogs don't like to be on their own and so the two other dogs came upon. We were inspired by our own dogs „Rocky“ (Ann's black-and-tan shorthaired dachshund, who is Berlin's fastest dachshund) and „Lucie“our „Miniature-German-Shepherd“

Hintergrund der Geldkarte  Geldkarte-Bildausschnitt

The following two pictures show the development of Lucie's Papier-Mâché-Double:

1.)  "still without the fur"                         2.)  "putting on the fur"

Pappstadium                      Fellüberzug

Crown for the Harvest Festival


Andrea used to work as a saleslady of a flower shop and has learned a lot about building beautiful flower arrangements.

We decorated the crown for the „Rosenthaler Herbst“ (Rosenthal's Fall) harvest festival for 9 years.

This particular crown was part of the festival of 2001.

Now this was a selection out of our varied artwork-projects...

...if we could inspire you with our selection, we would be pleased to create something special for you too!

Just get in touch ;-)

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