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A picture's Story....

all you need to do is to put the colors exactly on the right spot of the white sheet of paper... -

...and there you go: You've got a terrific picture!!! ;-)

If only everything would be „that simple“....

Well, actually there are some more steps to it. Therefore we'ld like to tell our interested guests more about it on this page of our little website. You'll get to know the steps that are needed to create a picture like this example here.

Ok, first of all: the most important part in creating a funny cartoon is to get the right idea! Sometimes it practically drops right before our feet...

... and other times it takes hours and hours of thinking..... and thinking .... and thinking....

.... and thinking .... and thinking........ and thinking .... and thinking....

.... did we mention the THINKING yet???

In our example we were to create a picture for a postcard. A vet from Usedom wanted to inform all her patients about the changed address, because the vet's office was to move into a former post office building. Our client was anxious about the fact that people should be able to recognize the specific building right away from the drawing itself. Therefore she sent us a photograph of that building.


That's why we drew the building in the first place. This kind of raw-drawing is sketch-drawn with a soft pencil. Then all correct lines will be redrawn step by step until they are strong and clearly visible. Only those lines will later be drawn with a fineliner-pen.

Skizze vom Posthaus

The entrance of the vet's office is actually located on the backside of the building, so you can't see it from the front. The idea was, that all patients will be waiting to enter standing in line all the way up to the frontside of the building. We had the computer take the main outlines of the building in order to arrange the patients in their right positions. The patients themselve were also only sketched out in the beginning. At this stage of the drawing you can still see lots of helping-lines which won't be seen in the final version of the drawing.


The next step was to put the sketch on our „lighted desk“ (That's sort of a box with a light in it, that has a transparent top so the light can shine through and also through the paper/ pictures/drawings that you put on top of it). Using a fineliner-pen all the correct lines of the animals are now drawn on a new white sheet of paper – the lines of the building are left out. So now it starts looking like a nice drawing! :)


Now of course we also need to put the correct lines of the building into the picture. This step also takes place at the „lighted desk“. (But before we started doing that, we of course took a copy of the animal-drawing. Just in case something goes wrong while drawing the building, we would at least have saved the animals so we wouldn't have to draw them again, too. As you can imagine, this could take quite some time.) So when the building and the animals are put together the picture looks like that:


The final drawing was then used for the printing of the postcards, which was done by the vet herself. Her clients were really fond of the postcards.

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