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About Us:

Andrea & Rocky Petra & Amigo

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We, that is Andrea Bork (picture to the left) and Petra Bork (picture to the right).
As you can easily see we are sisters. We both live in Berlin.

Drawing and painting has always been a pleasure for us, especially when it comes to drawing animals. Following our motto „loughing is good for health“ we put our special interest in drawing cartoons and comics. For in cartoon-world almost everything is possible.

We often find our inspiration when being together with our pets and pets of friends and relatives, which then almost become our own ;-) Of course Petra's first collie „Amigo“ and her new collie „Indy“ as well as Andrea's dachshund „Rocky“ are most often drawn. Amigo has learned lots and lots of different tricks and participated very successful at the Babelsberger TV-Pet-Casting. Rocky on the other hand has got very fast feet! He holds the title „Berlins's fastest Dachshund“ for more than 7 years now, winning the „Lichtenrader Dachshund-Race“ each and every year.

Red Nose Day Dachshund-Race 2006

With our cartoons and comics you won't only find pets but also all kinds of other animals. Andrea also took lessons to improve her human-character-drawing.

Since we know how to use all kinds of different drawing-techniques, as for example: pencil, water color - crayon, and painting with pastel, acrylic paint or water color, also three-dimensional artworks and many more, we'll be certainly able to also make YOUR IDEAS come to life.

Just get in touch with us.
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